Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bush -- and Christian Conservatives -- Have No Respect for the Constitution

Defining himself to the Christian right: I'm with you, bigots.

This isn't taking as long as it took to get to Jeb's views on Iraq. Jeb Bush opens mouth, and we know where he stands. The two new clarifications?
  1. Christian business owners, based on their religious beliefs, should be able to discriminate against gays.
  2. There is no constitutional right to same-sex marriages. In fact, it doesn't matter what the Supreme Court says in its ruling in June, people who don't support same-sex marriages should be "stalwart supporters of traditional marriage."
Bush is pretty clear here, and it's a typical stance of Christian conservatives. Regardless of the First Amendment -- or the 14th -- the Constitution protects, or should protect, the right to discriminate based on religious beliefs.

This would be our president's belief if Jeb, or frankly any of the Republican candidates, should be elected. Pretty clear.

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