Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Drumbeat Goes On: Cheney and Dubya Lied Us into War (and Worse), and Jeb Is Screwed

This is how we rolled in Iraq. Jeb thinks we've forgotten.
His base? Maybe. His rivals? Not on your life.

I rarely read Maureen Dowd anymore since her obsession with trashing Hillary Clinton has, in my view, wrecked her brand as a columnist, which used to be a well-crafted acerbic wit. Well, she put the old voice to work on Jeb Bush, and here I am linking to her.

Dowd lays it on thick with poor Jebbie, who has it coming after his disastrous That Was The Week That Was. But what got my attention was her insistence that we remember that Cheney and Dubya lied us into an unnecessary war that haunts us to this day.

So, too bad, Jeb, if it haunts you, too. Pithy part of Dowd piece:
And consider this: Jeb hasn’t even been asked any questions yet about W.’s dark contributions on waterboarding, the deficit and the near-total collapse of the American economy.
Indeed. You asked for this, Jeb Bush. If you're not ready for prime time -- which you apparently aren't -- then get the hell out of the race that you're not in yet. Or wait for the rest of the dogs to be unleashed. Because they will be. You can count on that.

Abu Ghraib: Ready to defend this, Jeb?

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