Thursday, May 14, 2015

Finally! Jeb Bush Says No, He Wouldn't Have Supported Dubya's War, Knowing What He Already Knew Four Days Ago...

Oh, you mean that war. Why didn't you say so?

See, that wasn't so hard, was it?

Now let's practice.

"No, I would have handled Katrina..."

"No, I would have tried to privatize Social Security by..."

"No, I wouldn't have pushed 'The Ownership Society" during an incipient housing bubble with out-of-control price surges. I'd have..."

"No, I wouldn't have fired all the Sunni army officers and Sunni politicians and technocrats while turning the government over to Shiites aligned with Iran, resulting in the Sunni uprising that continues today with ISIS. I would have..."

"No, I wouldn't have gotten half-baked law professors to write mind-numbingly wrong opinions allowing torture and then tortured the crap out of anybody unlucky enough to get nabbed -- or turned in by people with private grudges -- in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would have..."

"No, I wouldn't have authorized massive collections of American citizens' private data in spite of all constitutional evidence that it was illegal and then lied repeatedly ad nauseum that we didn't do it. I would have..."

"No, I wouldn't have signed a law refusing to allow Terri Schiavo's husband to let her die with dignity because she was brain-dead. I would have... No, wait that was me. Yeah, I guess I did that. My bad."

You should hope voters forget about the Schiavo affair. Except for your base, of course.

Update. Jeb is, apparently, not ashamed of his Schiavo moves. Of course, he said it would have been better if she had a signed advance directive. He didn't mention that her husband had the right to terminate her suffering without the advance directive, and eventually did, after Bush's law was found unconstitutional. Sooooo, adding it all together, Jeb Bush was proud he signed an unconstitutional law that was unnecessary and illegal. Go figure. Good presidential material!

(Maybe we should give him four days to clarify his position on Schiavo. That's how he rolls, right?)

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