Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jeb Bush Still Tongue-Wagging on Iraq (Hourly Report?) amid More Nonsense

"Don't worry Jebbie. Someday this whole mess will be all yours."

A "Republican policy adviser" suggested that "If you're talking about Iraq, you're losing." Apparently Jeb Bush hasn't heard that advice yet, considering he's wagging his tongue again and not in a good way.
Reporter: "What’s the way forward in Iraq, sir?"
Bush: “I think we need to re-engage, and do it in a more forceful way than—the president is very reluctant for whatever reason to make a clear commitment that we should have kept, you know, 5,000, 10,000 troops there. There's been success since we reengaged.”
Jeb, oh Jeb. First, you almost made a clean getaway by dragging the vast majority of the GOP field toward not liking on the Iraq War, and you coulda just blended in! Now you want to re-engage, forcefully. Holy unforced error, Batman! Then you add the nonsense about how we should have kept 10,000 troops in Iraq, thinking that people should or would blame Obama for that. Nice try, and it might work. People are often easily hoodwinked. The neocons protest on a regular basis that Obama showed his weakness by not leaving 10,000 troops in Iraq. Say it often enough, bla bla bla.

But the truth is that brother Georgie failed to get a Status of Forces agreement with al-Maliki before he left office. Why? Because al-Maliki insisted that troops be subject to Iraqi law and courts and thus he couldn't guarantee their safety. When Obama came to power, al-Maliki didn't change his position.

So, first it was brother Georgie who couldn't do it, and then it was Obama for whom nothing changed. It wasn't going to happen, and everyone from Dick Cheney to Lindsey Graham and John McCain know this, no matter how they wag their tongues. Now you're doing it.

What remains is your ass in jeopardy. In a sort of Iraq soup, if you will. Well done!

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