Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Rand Paul: Young People Not Interested in GOP Because Money

Rand Paul is starring in his own new movie: "Blow Hard: The Republicaning"

The New Republic caught Rand Paul admitting that the GOP is the party of money. Rand Paul to Laura Ingraham:
Young people, they don’t really associate with Republicans on taxes and regulations. Not that they oppose us, they just don’t have any money so they don’t care much about those issues. But they’ve all got a cellphone, they’re all on the Internet, they’re all concerned about Internet freedom — and they’re concerned about privacy. And these are precisely issues where we can grow our youth vote.
"...they don't have any money so they don't care much about those issues." Okay, let's parse this. Wait, no parsing involved. Rand sez: We're the party of money.

Of course, the GOP is not just the party of money, they're the party of "we've got the money, you don't get any." How do I know this?
  • Minimum wage increase? Oppose.
  • Give the poor more money for food? Oppose.
  • Give the unemployed more money? Oppose.
  • Give school districts more money to educate? Oppose.
  • Give Head Start more money to help little kids and their parents? Oppose.
  • Give the National Institutes of Health more money to fight disease? Oppose.
  • Give tax breaks to the wealthy? Support!
  • Lower the corporate tax rates? Support!
  • Give subsidies to oil companies? Support!
  • Give subsidies to agribusiness? Support!
  • More and bigger defense contracts? Support!
  • Cut Social Security? Support!
  • Privatize Medicare? Support!
Thanks, Rand. It's good to know what a libertarian's priorities are. And it's good to know that your interface with young people is "I've got a cellphone, too! I like the Internet, too!"

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