Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Raising the Minimum Wage Is Really Popular, Except Among [.......]

A recent poll in the New York Times makes very clear how all cohorts of the American people favor not just an increase in the minimum wage but a meaningful one. The graph demonstrating this is not easy to copy and share online, so visit the page.

Everyone favors a raise to either $9.00 or $10.10 from the current $7.75. The only substantial resistance is among Republicans, conservatives, and people who make $75 to $100k. Even there, the majority favor a raise of one kind or another.

Why, again, are we not doing this yesterday?

Just a guess: Opposition to raising the minimum wage is very strong within the Tea Party, also known as the far-right Republican base. This minority scares the crap out of anything resembling a moderate Republican. So, no monies for you poor people. Sorry! We'd rather have someone to feel superior to, losers. (Tea Partiers also think of themselves as losers, or potential losers when the gays, blacks, Hispanics and women finally take over, but that's another post.)

Which one of these folks is a Tea Partier against raising the minimum wage?

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