Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Christmas Wish List

Santa isn't a Democrat, and the Grinch isn't a Republican, but I could be wrong.

Here's a list of what I'd love to see if it were possible:
  • Expansion of Social Security, including Social Security Disability.
  • Expansion of Medicare to cover everyone.
  • Add price negotiation to Medicare Part D.
  • The realization -- by the mainstream media and the political class -- that economic stimulus is a must in a recession and throughout the recovery until the country reaches both full employment and potential GDP.
  • An equal realization -- by the same mainstream media and political class -- that austerity doesn't grow the economy, it stifles it.
  • A movement over time towards more progressive income tax schedules, like we had before Ronald Reagan.
  • An awareness that sales taxes are regressive and harmful for the poor and lower classes, and that "raising fees" instead of marginal rates is also regressive.
  • Real gun control, including background checks, a ban on all assault weapons and large clips, across-the-board registration processes for everyone wishing to own a gun, training requirements for anyone wishing to possess a gun, limits on the lethality of ammunition, a broad curtailment of open-carry, concealed carry, stand-your-ground or castle laws, plus a general understanding that loose gun laws lead directly to death and injury to all classes and ages of people.
  • Raising the minimum wage until it's a living wage -- $15 is a start.
 Merry Christmas.

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