Monday, December 30, 2013

Employers: Hire the Long-Term Unemployed First!

An inexplicable, massive pattern of employers discriminating against the long-term unemployed in their hiring practices has led to a large population of people unlikely to get a job, any job.

That population is the very group of people many of whom have just lost their unemployment-insurance payments because of Republican intransigence and Democratic pragmatism.

As Matthew Yglesias of Slate explains, " But mostly it's cruel."

Read Yglesias' article -- with links to studies -- to understand why it's so cruel.

Democrats: Bludgeon the crap out of Republicans until they pass an extension, fer chrissake. It's a winning issue. Hint: Champion popular issues, and 2014 is yours for the taking!

And, if you're an employer, please, hire those who have been out of work longest first. One, they need it more than anyone else, two, they'll be so grateful they're likely to be incredibly loyal, dedicated workers, and, three, it'll be good for the economy, just like it would be if you hired someone else, perhaps even more so.

So do it. It's easy, and it's smart. What's more, it's one of the most humane things you could do this year.

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