Saturday, December 21, 2013

Has Judgment Day Arrived? Same-Sex Marriage in Utah!

Utah?? Oh, no, it's the End of Days.

Who knew the Apocalypse could just sneak up on us like that? Damned activist judges! Don't they get that they're bringing on the end of the world?

It's possibly that an "activist" judge, Obama appointee Robert J. Shelby, knows that calling the same-sex marriage ban in Utah unconstitutional will not actually bring on the Four Horsemen. But it did bring dozens and dozens of gays to the Salt Lake County Clerk's office where they got legally married.

A state Supreme Court did the same thing in New Mexico last week. I don't know where these judges get the idea that discriminating against gays is unconstitutional, unless reading the U.S. Constitution tends to make a judge think that way. Who knew?

Utah's Republican governor, Gary Herbert was not pleased. Utah's attorney general vowed an immediate appeal.

In the meantime, the gay train keeps rolling. Maybe it's because equality is appealing, as it should be in America. I seem to remember that was sort of a theme around here, right? You know, freedom, liberty, equality, right?

Leading Mormon intellectual Mitt Romney may find this a bitter pill to swallow.

Sorry Mitt, even Utah!

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