Thursday, December 19, 2013

Always Something There to Remind You: David Brooks Is an Idiot

David Brooks racking his brain. Something happens, but you don't know what it is.

I have friends, liberal ones, who like David Brooks. He's their "favorite conservative." Fine. Favorite conservatives are the most dangerous because they pour enough sugar on top to, well, be a liberal's "favorite."

Now, how does an idiot become a leading voice on America's leading newspaper? I don't know, maybe you'd have to ask Ross Douthat -- at least he's "sincere" -- or William Kristol -- at least he's openly hostile -- to find out. I prefer reading Alex Pareene and his annual Hack List of people whose journalism is a form of intellectual Halloween. David Brooks was born to be on Pareene's Hack List.

Read Pareene on Brooks. This year Pareene uses each Hack's own voice to skewer them. Nailed it!

Then read David Brooks' column skewering himself while being pretty much of a prick. Also read the fawning comments.

Then read Joe Coscarelli's NY Mag attempt to figure out WTF Brooks is talking about. Also read the comments and marvel that commenters aren't necessarily stupid after all.

Then go volunteer at a food bank for an afternoon to cleanse yourself and to make amends for backsliding and reading a David Brooks' column after you swore you'd never, ever do it again.

But, please, don't feel good about yourself for doing it. That would be ironic or something.

Bonus! Josh Barro writes a snarky piece about David Brooks and snark! Win-win!

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