Monday, December 23, 2013

Obamacare Is an Attempt to Provide Better, Cheaper Healthcare for More People. Who's Against That?

Who's against that? The answer is not that many. And they're largely Republicans who would do almost anything to prevent the law from working.

I thought I had this shit stopped. Now even Ted Cruz can't make a dent.

Obamacare polls right now around 46-49%. If you pull the number who oppose Obamacare because it doesn't go far enough -- about 14% -- and add it to Obamacare supporters (who by and large would have preferred a public-option or a single-payer system as well), you start to see 60-37% support or better for abandoning the status quo and improving healthcare availability for American citizens.

So who's against it? Republicans who offer no ideas of their own (I discount the made-up bullshit, like tort reform and selling insurance across state lines, that even the Republicans know is bullshit). That's who's against it. And are they arguing for a different policy prescription? No, they're sabotaging the law by not expanding Medicaid in their states, passing laws that disallow Navigators -- Obamacare advocates hired to help with the rollout -- from doing their jobs, and by running disinformation campaigns aimed at discouraging groups, like young adults, from signing up for it at all.

This is not just mean-spiritedness, to be fair. This is ideological. Conservatives worry that Obamacare will work, thus demonstrating that government programs can work and do offer a true public service to the people. This scares the crap out of conservatives because they feel it could lead to acceptance, for a long time to come, of liberal solutions to societal problems.

That's right. Conservative Republicans, in this case as in many, want liberals to fail to help Americans, even though these programs are popular.

The real solution is for Democrats to loudly and unceasingly embrace these ideas and press for them at every turn. Why? Because people like these ideas. They're popular!

Let's really mess them up and not fight each other, okay?
People love these ideas and they'll love us, too.

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