Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WaPo Editorial Board: Because Congress Can Do Nothing, Obama Should Do Nothing

WaPo: Congress won't help these refugees, so, Obama, don't you either.

Because why? Because we -- editorial board, or Fred Hiatt, whichever comes first -- don't know why. Or, if we do know why, we aren't telling because then you'd know why. It's better to just say don't be bad, Obama, because maybe a Republican president woulda coulda will do something you don't like, and then what the fuck? Liberals, don't do it because Fred Hiatt says no because must be unconstitutional but too lazy to explain why. Just don't Obama!

WaPo Editorial Board = idiots at play in an editorial field of dreams. But oh well, it's only the paper of record in our nation's capital. We're doomed. Oh, and read the comments on this Mobius strip of illogic, but bring the Pepto.

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