Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sarah Palin: Reality TV Is My Personal Savior

Huckabee's an "odd bird," and Sarah Palin's never met a con she didn't like.

Who knew the Republican Party would disintegrate from the inside? Evangelicals are not happy:
The disconnect between social conservatives and the GOP has become a “chasm,” said Gary Bauer, who ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000 and is now head of the Campaign for Working Families. He pointed to the party’s two most recent presidential nominees, Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, as examples of candidates who were touted initially as having broad appeal to centrists in the general election but ultimately never inspired evangelicals and lost.
“Values voters have been treated as the stepchildren of the family, while the party has wanted to get on with so-called more electorally popular ideas,” Bauer said. “The Republican base will not tolerate another candidate foisted upon us as a guy who can win.”
The two guys that the evangelicals like are Ben Carson and Rick Santorum. Please, please, evangelicals, drive them to get into the race! Shit is getting real:
Discontent among evangelicals could have implications for the GOP next year as campaigning for the presidential nomination escalates in early-voting states such as Iowa, where social conservatives are a major bloc. Their presence could complicate matters for top-tier candidates such as Christie and Paul who want to remain viable in a general election but will feel pressure to appeal to religious voters. A surge of support for more fiery contenders such as Carson or former senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) could turn candidate debates into a spectacle while pulling everyone to the right, affecting the party’s image more broadly.
And I thought Democrats would have to work to win in 2016. That may still be true, but it's looking more like don't-do-stupid-stuff might be enough. Listen up, Hillary. Obama's on to something.

Maybe all Hillary's got to do is stay above the fray, like a queen bee. But do it right!

I'm one who believes that the Democratic nomination is Hillary's if she wants it. She should declare right after the first of the year, or at least after the fall elections. If she declares early, Warren and Biden will beg off. Of course, I don't know exactly when "early" is, but she probably knows. Now, if she also knew how to appeal to social conservatives without alienating the far left (that's sixteen people in Seattle and maybe thirty-four in San Francisco), she'd be a lock in 2016.

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