Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ferguson Starts a Slow-Rolling Cop Implosion

(Update Below.)

The Ferguson apparent murder of Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer has provoked a horrid police response, the worst example of which just took place last night. In the area of bad PR for St. Louis County, this does not look good:

No one asked this police officer to look so stupid and dangerous. He figured this out all by himself. I'm not mocking him. I'm just saying a guy with a short fuse like this needs to be off the police force anywhere his type appears. Where am I wrong?

Update. This is getting a lot of attention all over the blogosphere. I wouldn't be surprised if it hardly makes a dent in the mainstream media -- it makes cops look bad, and that's not their job! But a larger point, hopefully, is that this is how things move in the social media environment. Maybe this is emblematic of how cops cannot just keep shooting black and brown people -- let alone the random white guy -- at will. Maybe, just maybe, they'll be a price to pay, and more, as we grow further into the information age. Not meaning to get ahead of ourselves here, just being hopeful.

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  1. Cops keep making me really sad and angry. I'm just at a loss to how things got this messy and crazy underneath it all over the years.