Thursday, August 14, 2014

Today's Police, Caught in the Wild

Decreasingly rare photo of police celebrating their recent penis enlargements.

Police blowing stuff up, saying, "They want a riot, we'll give them a fucking riot!"

Police discover waving enlarged penises do in fact stop unarmed citizens in their tracks.

As Atrios said about the situation in Ferguson, "shit is fucked up and bullshit." Indeed. Why is this happening? Maybe this:

(Video may not play at this time, so go to this Huffington Post page to see it.

Or this:

Weird how their versions match. At this time, neither eyewitness has been interviewed by the police. Most of us would agree that's not weird. It's the way they roll these days.

Note. This doesn't go for all cops, obviously. I'd still want a cop around when I need one. But I'm not a young black man, and I can imagine they might hold a different view.

We have so far to go as a nation, so far to go.

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