Wednesday, August 6, 2014

On the Education Grift (Good Money!)

Campbell Brown: Well, she looks all educationy!

Charles P. Pierce asks the question, "Who the fuck is Campbell Brown?" How is she an education expert?

Let's let Charles answer this one (not pretty, despite how pretty Cammy is!):
Quite simply, Campbell Brown is not in this for the kids. She's running a con on behalf of some pretty shady people. (Singer, for one, has a disreputable history of looting entire impoverished countries for his own benefit.) Because of this, she doesn't really have to know what the fck she's talking about, which is good, because she pretty plainly doesn't.
Charlie not happy with Cammy's con, no he isn't. Read on.

Sorry Michelle Rhee, there's a new griftin' girl in town...

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