Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rick Perry Is Proud That He Isn't Concerned About the Innocence of the Executed

Rick Perry caught practicing his ooooh's for "The Longest Time" before Billy Joel
concert. (Don't tell his fellow Texans.) #RicksFaveSong #SecurityNotMpressed.

Rick Perry is a horrible human being, and, if evidence holds up, a contender for the Republican candidate for 2016. Let's hope he runs! He'll soil the brand, but so what?

What's so horrible about Rick Perry? Oh, let me count the ways:
  1. He won't allow the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare in spite of the fact that Texas has the highest number -- and the highest rate -- of uninsured residents. Great, humane policy? (Did I tell you it's free for the state in the first year and 90% covered by the feds from then on?)
  2. He signs death-penalty warrants with glee, including the one for Cameron Todd Willingham, who may become the key example of an innocent man executed in the modern era. Rick Perry is exceedingly proud of his record on Willingham, as he is proud of his record number of people executed under his watch. He sleeps exceedingly well, he says. I don't doubt that he does.
  3. Tens of thousands of children -- mostly from Central America -- cross the border and throw themselves in the arms of the border guards. What does Rick Perry want? He wants to call out the National Guard to secure our borders and demands that Obama pay for it. Aside from his lack of humanity on display, his complete misunderstanding of how his demand is imbecilic is startling.
  4. It must be pointed out that Rick Perry thinks Barack Obama is in on this whole kids-from-Central-America deal. Asked about it, he continues to claim it.

To learn why he's taken seriously by the Washington press ("He's so dreamy!"), read this in Salon. Happy trails, Governor Good Hair!

Update. Sort of meant to include this link because it's demonstrative of how fucking loony this guy is (and how fucking loony the loonystream press is...).

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