Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lindsey Graham and John McCain Should Shut the ?%#! Up. (Et tu, Hillary?)

Now, come on, John feels bad enough as it is about that photo op in Syria with ISIS!

Lindsey Graham says unless Barack Obama does more in the Middle East, they're going to come here and get us!

John McCain says that Barack Obama made a terrible mistake by not staying in Iraq in the first place -- even though the pullout date had been negotiated by Bush well before Obama took office.

Yeah, there was that deal about a failure to negotiate a status-of-forces agreement, but that was doomed from the start. Graham and McCain, of all people, know why.

Now Hillary gets into the act and criticizes Obama for not doing more in Syria, and we all know why: She has to get out in front as a "chick with balls." Pols gotta pol, I guess. Sheesh.

No comment on Graham. When he speaks, I hear something like "Obama's feckless policy toward toilet-bowl cleaners has left us vulnerable to shitty toilets!"

As for McCain, his I'm-very-serious-on-foreign-policy hard stares are empty. He's a bomb-bomb-bomber and contributes nothing of substance except slightly more hot air than his colleagues. His credibility fell apart completely since he met with ISIS leaders in Syria a while back and said they'd be cool guys to arm against Assad. Oops.

Now, as for Hillary, her whole point is "we could have found the good guys and armed them, but we didn't." Okay, in Syria (or Libya, or Egypt, or Iran, or Lebanon, or Qatar, or Bahrain, or Yemen, or Somalia, or you-pick-one) EXACTLY WHO ARE THE GOOD GUYS AND WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU'LL GUESS BETTER THAN MCCAIN?

The whole good guy with a gun thing doesn't work very well here at home, but over there where they all basically hate us it's gonna work out swell! Because after we arm good guys, the guns will never fall into the hands of the bad guys. Never!

Hillary has to walk a fine line. Well, maybe not. Next to her,
Rand Paul looks like a foreign-policy wimp.

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  1. Our being there didn't start this or anything. I think everyone is just mad we can't threaten nukes because of all that oil they're sitting on.