Friday, August 15, 2014

Religion and Morality Have Their Costs, e.g. God Gave Us Bodies We Must Cover

Okay, I'm not proposing we strip today and wear clothing only depending on the weather. I was brought up to feel exposed when naked. It's too late for me and probably for you. But we don't have to like it.

Why? Because it's based on a completely useless, trumped-up morality is why. Reactions to a Land's End promotion that mistakenly (or not) rewarded its customers with a near-naked picture of Emily Ratjakowski went over like a lead balloon, at least for some. Here's the offensive picture:

Sorry, Charlie, but count me among the unoffended. And just so you know I'm an equal-opportunity amoralist, here's something for the other side:

I'm only guessing this works for the other side. Got a pretty good idea, though.

Now, there are arguments that over-sexualized photos and porn -- which of course neither of these photos are -- somehow stir up passions or pathologies. I won't argue that point. But what has deep-down fucked us up is that nudity and normal sexual behavior and reality has been demonized by religion and the morality police that have cropped up because of it. On this, religion blows hard.

Again, not stripping and walking down to the public pool, but that's because what should be normal and healthy and NO BIG DEAL ain't what I -- or any of us -- get to do. Thanks, Father Henry and Sister Mary Joseph William, thanks a lot.

Just for giggles, nervous or not, have a look at what made our cover girl so famous (NSFW):

...Not being politically correct here, I suspect.

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