Thursday, April 10, 2014

Toto, I Don't Think We're in Iraq Anymore

Condi, I don't think you're in office anymore...

This I appreciated, wondering how many do:
Mr. Cooke just called [speaking of Condoleezza Rice] torturing people and starting a war of aggression on false pretensions “political positions.” Most people would call those things crimes of a rather high order. And I suppose anyone who doesn’t want to indirectly give their money to Condi Rice is now going to be accused of trying to stifle, what? The freedom to torture people and start phony wars without it interfering with your income?
Your policy position stops being a policy position when what you advocate is actually breaking the law, and then you put your policy in action. Then it's a fait accompli, also known as a crime. Condi, you may not be in Iraq anymore, but we remember why we were. Also, you know, torture.

Condi, you made shit happen. It's on you...

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