Monday, April 7, 2014

Joe Biden Gaffe-Prone? I'd Say Laugh-Prone

Joe Biden: raising the level of debate, one gaffe at a time.

Sometimes you have to marvel at Joe Biden. First, let me say I never bought into the "gaffe-prone" business. Joe says stuff, some of it smart, some of it not so much. Usually no harm done, even politically. What it does do his reaffirm his humanity, something some politicians can't buy with a million-dollar ad campaign.

So when he remarked about his sleeping habits in front of a room full of educators, hilarity ensued:
In his remarks, the vice president praised teachers as "the best kept secret in America."
"Jill is probably right," he added, according to CNN. "I think I'd have the same attitude...did I not sleep with a community college professor every night."
As laughter erupted across the 2,000 gathered faculty, staff and administrators, Biden attempted to clarify.
"Oh, the same one, the same one," he said, waving his hands around. "The same one."
Keep it up, Joe. We all need some comic relief these days.

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  1. ROX NEWS is asking KEN STARR to be a special independent prosecutor on this one! RUT ROH!! watch out Joe!!