Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Washington Post Shows Its Colors, Again

How dare the Senate Intelligence Committee criticize our torture program by saying it didn't work! The Washington Post shows its outrage by publishing an op-ed by Jose Rodriguez, an ex-CIA officer that came to prominence as the man who illegally destroyed the videotapes of CIA torture. After a lengthy process, the Obama Dept. of Justice decided against charging Rodriquez. It's only torture. Bygones! (as Atrios would say...)

Read this piece of crap if you wish. I'll summarize it for you:
We did too get good information from guys we tortured. I won't state that it was a result of torture, I'll just imply it. So, you see, we're right. Also, I will make a few statements of outrage at the dumb old Senate committee, though I won't offer any evidence of pretty much anything at all. I'll say "So there, Senate meanies!" and then act like we did what we had to do because 9/11! You're all weenies who don't understand the real world, you know the one where we do stuff, break the law, get away with it, and then get totally outraged because we're so misunderstood, but we won't offer any actual proof of what I'm saying. I won't mention I was the guy who destroyed the torture tapes because what relevance does that have?
Thank you, Washington Post, for giving voice to a torture asshole (really a double-torture asshole in that he did it and covered it up). Remember this guy, he's what makes America so exceptional!

Jose A. Rodriguez Jr., charter member of the Torture Asshole Hall of Shame.

For fun, read the comments on the op-ed. By and large, they don't fall for this guy's crap, but where they do, they're pretty hilarious.

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