Monday, April 28, 2014

The Right to Not Bear Arms

Hey, Republicans, you can put it back in your pants now.

Remarkably, the gun lobby has found ways to expand gun rights from "anything goes" to "no, really, anything goes, practically anywhere." Guns in bars, no problem. Guns in church. Of course. Jesus loves your handgun with its 10-bullet clip.

E.J. Dionne sums it up today in the WaPo.

A very serious question remains: Do American citizens have the right to feel safe without being armed?

If your answer to that question is "Get real, get a gun, fool," then here's the next question: Where does this end?

Do we have a right to be safe? It seems libertarians and conservatives answer, "Only as safe as your individual, unregulated choices allow you to be." If that's so, America has chosen a dangerous path away from safety.

Is this really what you want, America?

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