Sunday, April 20, 2014

David Brooks Goes There with Obama "Manhood" Comment

David Brooks gained, in my view, permanent adolescent dickhead status with his comment today on "Meet the Press:"

Regardless of your view of Obama's foreign policy performance -- I like the fact that he doesn't bomb people for the sake of his "manhood" -- the thought of a numbnut like David Brooks questioning it by citing an Obama "manhood problem" only means that David Brooks is a total fucking wanker, of the day, of the week, of the month, of the year. In fact, he might qualify for the Wanker Hall of Fame for this one ridiculous comment. Well done, Brooks. Now go back to gym class.

Footnote. Notice, of course, how Brooks qualifies his statement concerning Obama as being "undeservedly" and "unfair." That's double wanker points: I don't believe it, but some people say..." Double wanker. Chuck Todd gets a single wanker rating out of his tag at the end: "...internally it's not just Bob Corker saying it."

Dudes, you're not in high school anymore.

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