Monday, February 6, 2017

Now Trump Is Claiming the Media Is Covering up Terrorist Attacks!

From bad to horrid is how Trump may always move. If you can't realize he's either gearing up for war (we've always been at war with Eurasia) or trying to continually ratchet up the fear, you're not listening. One way or another, the world must be a dark place for Trump to flourish. Who thinks this way?! Trump, Bannon, Pence? All of the above.

The media is hiding terrorist attacks. They don't even need to happen for us to be afraid!

Donald Trump is one barrel of laughs, you got to hand it to him. There's no dystopia that he can't make dystopier.

(When you click on the video, it autoplays the next in the WaPo loop. Click to quit anytime.)

Read the accompanying article. By the way, watching the video, don't you get the clear feeling Trump thinks he can bully-scare the courts into letting him have his Muslim ban? I don't think his odds are very good, but holy shit, he's going hard on them. Pretty sickening.

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