Friday, February 17, 2017

Freedom of the Press Is the Enemy of America. So Says Trump.

Right there in the First Amendment, which includes our most important rights, we establish the freedom of the press as the birthright of all Americans. Who knew the press would end up our principal enemy? I mean, who knew?

Donald Trump: What's he doing, practicing giving the evil eye?

I know. I read Donald Trump's tweets just to gauge his mental state. Today:

And Rush Limbaugh, voice of the people, knows better!

Okay. Just an observation here: Calling them the FAKE MEDIA might make you feel good, Trump, but I'm pretty sure they're REAL. It's the news you want to call FAKE. Might work on getting that together. I mean, if you want to make sense. Oooh, maybe you don't. Sneaky!

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