Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bernie Says Trump's a Fraud, Mitt Says Trump's Off to "a Strong Start." Who Ya Gonna Believe?

I wonder how long Trump's base will put up with his betrayal. Answer: as long as they watch Fox News,, and read Breitbart and Drudge Report.

Trump and the bankers, BFFs. The working man? Stiffed!

Bernie comes out with the truth of the matter:

And Trump admits it.

And Mitt Romney says Trump is off to a "strong start." As Krugman points out, forget the notion that Romney is "a good guy" for initially calling Trump a fraud. Now that Trump's cozying up with the right people, Mitt's all in. Sheesh. What did we expect?
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is praising President Trump's "strong start," citing his early push to fulfill various campaign pledges.
"We're all watching with interest. He’s obviously gotten off to a very strong start in terms of making a series of executive orders and making the changes that he promised during the campaign," Romney told the Deseret News on Friday.
The 2012 GOP presidential nominee acknowledged that Trump has faced "some bumps in the road."
Yeah, bumps in the road. Like the Constitution, for instance.

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