Friday, February 17, 2017

No Choice: A Full-Frontal Attack on Trump and What He Stands For

In a way -- after watching him froth at the mouth at yesterday's press conference -- we have no choice anymore but to work, 24/7, to get rid of this monstrosity. And of course I mean politically. Our nation's very survival, our way of life, is at stake.

Donald Trump is not fit to lead the U.S. Period.

There are a couple of ways of doing this. We can march, and all of us should attend as many anti-Trump marches as we can. Pick your cause and march. But we can't march every day. But we can do a lot of things to resist:
  • Contact your senators and congressman. I live in blue-blue California, so mostly that's a waste of energy, although sending the email to moderate Dianne Feinstein once or twice is wise. I do on most issues where I think she can be squishy. If you're in a red state, have at 'em, early and often.
  • Contact more than just your own congresspeople. Email as many as you can, and CALL THEM WHEN YOU HEAR THEM ACTING IN CONCERT WITH DONALD TRUMP. Example: You hear or see a senator or congressperson on the media that obfuscates or otherwise buys into the false narrative that Trump and his people perpetuate, call him and tell his office that you're not buying his or her bullshit, and that WORKING WITH TRUMP IS A TICKET TO GETTING PRIMARIED, and you're willing to send bucks out of state to help do just that.
  • Yes, make a stand on social media -- any of them and all of them -- regardless of comments that you're "too political." Tell your friends that we're on dangerous ground. Don't hesitate to engage Trumpsters with logic and truth, at least up to the point where they go into alternative-facts-land. Then just disengage.
  • This is not a "political" moment. This is Trump and his crowd making an all-out assault on the environment, our safety net, our health care, our well-earned retirement security (what little we have), our financial protections, our legal system, our free press, our alliances in Europe and Asia that we've spent generations crafting and preserving. It goes on and on. They want to destroy public education, as well as public health. And make the rich richer while they're at it. So fight back whenever you hear of another outrage. And there will be many.
  • Find ways to work against the alt-media. Let Fox News, Breitbart, etc. know that you'll be looking for ways to boycott their sponsors. Google ways of doing just that. It's worked in the past!
The Internet will provide ways of emailing lots of public officials. Go to the websites and launch the attack. Email members of the media. Join product boycotts.

Trump went on TV yesterday and said, "The leaks are real, but the news is fake." Does that look anything like what George Orwell warned us against? UH, YEAH!

Think of your own ways of resisting and putting the bastards on notice. We can't just drink beer and barbecue anymore. (We can do that, but...) We need something to claim for the Resistance, several times a day. Then have that beer.

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