Wednesday, September 21, 2016

White Working-Class Men: Finally Proof That Republicans Are Playing You

Donald Trump -- citing a poll showing non-college white men support him by a decent margin -- shouted out at a rally: "I love the poorly educated!"

Working-class white men have been voting against their own self-interests
for most of their lives. As Stephen Colbert might ask: funny, or almost funny?

 (Thanks to Paul Krugman and Vox...)

This is something I've been watching since the Reagan years, and wondering what part of "Most of the new wealth during the 80s went to the already wealthy" don't you people get? (I think it was the part of you that was busy thinking about how much you hate unions, with their negotiating higher wages for you, and all that stuff...)

Now, Vox puts it into a neat and tidy graph:

Holy crap. Read the complete story here.

And for more perspective, read this about how Paul Ryan  -- champion of the people! -- plans on screwing the working class some more.

Fucking what the fuck...

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