Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Donald Trump Lies and Lies, Media Figures This Out. Now, Are They Finally Willing to Say It?

The answer, it appears, is a resounding yes. But will it last?

Donald Trump: giving the finger to the truth?

The mainstream media has long ago adopted the facile reporting technique of following narratives rather than reporting and analyzing facts. It's easier to say "Clinton is distrusted by a majority of voters" rather than "Clinton is distrusted despite the fact that allegations against her for 30 years are largely unfounded." Also, it's more fun: Clinton! Emails! Vince Foster! Clinton Foundation! Goldman Sachs speeches!

It's the same only different with Donald Trump. The media has been overwhelmed and mesmerized by Donald Trump's steady stream of bizarre statements, the vast majority of which ignore the truth on most matters. But for the media, it's "Trump's so amazing! He says the most outrageous things, and people love it! Did you hear the last one?!!?"

Also a more fun narrative to follow. "When will people wise up? They don't seem to care! They love his rant!"

That appears to be ending. Trump may have played the press one too many times when he invited them to a "press conference" at his new DC hotel and then pumped the hotel before pivoting to a bunch of military types endorsing him. Then, at the end, he spent 30 seconds or so saying "Hillary started the birther movement and I finished it. Oh, Obama was born in the U.S. Bye!" He walked out with no press conference. Oh, and added two new lies (Hillary didn't start the birther thing and he didn't finish it. Obama was born in the U.S. but we already knew that.)

Press! Played! Press pissed.

The blunder -- it was a blunder -- may turn the press against Trump. Whether it's permanent, who knows?

Read this Daily Kos Abbreviated Pundit Round Up to see how widespread the change might be.

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