Friday, September 16, 2016

Donald Trump Hoodwinks the Press, Then Lies Openly about His Years of Pushing Birtherism

Yeah, of course everyone is saying Trump's supporters will follow him over a cliff, but somewhere -- most of America? -- someone is noticing the Donald's unending bullshit.

Donald Trump ran with the birther thing until today. Bygones!

Sorry, Donald Trump, you don't get to accuse, for years and years, Barack Obama of not being -- "I don't know, do you know, people are telling me, I'm hearing that he was born in Kenya, could be Muslim, we don't know, this is what I'm hearing, who knows?" -- an American citizen, then turn around at an event you characterized as a press conference and instead pitch your new DC hotel before having a ceremony featuring a bunch of military men and a gold-star wife endorsing you, and then spending about 30 seconds lying about Hillary starting the birther movement and you finishing it by forcing the president to release his birth certificate.

You don't get to do that, unless the American political press has completely gone off its rocker or its meds, which is, sadly, a distinct possibility.

This time it looks like the collective press is livid at being treated this way, with dozens of headlines proclaiming that you are falsely accusing Hillary Clinton of starting the birther movement, and falsely claiming you did a public service by forcing Obama to produce his birth certificate and "finishing it", thereby disproving Hillary's claim (that she never made), and that, with one expression that Obama was actually born in the United States you can now end the controversy forever. Nope, you can't do that this time.

We hope.

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