Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Trump Comes Out During Military Forum, Demonstrates He's a Performance Artist, Not a President

I supposed you watched the Commander-In-Chief Forum, like me. Hillary was good, Trump was not. We expected that. If you're for Trump, you're for his kind of bad.

Hillary, Matt, Donald (nuff said).

Josh Marshall of TPM -- my kind of really smart guy -- puts it together:
7. The last point is I think the big one. You couldn't watch Trump and be under any illusion that he has any idea what he's talking about about really anything. I think we can dispense with any idea that Trump is going to bone up on a handful of policy points and use them during the debates. He totally winged and it showed. Someone I respect greatly said on Twitter that watching the debate we should dispense with the idea that Clinton will mop the floor with Trump in the debate. I've never thought she'd mop the floor with him. But I thought my friend greatly misjudged Trump's performance. The exchange where Lauer kept asking him why he wouldn't discuss his ISIS plans and then asked why he had to ask the generals if he had a plan and then Trump said well, maybe I'll combine the two plans ... this is a case where people are selling Lauer a bit short. That made Trump look like a jackass. People know from a young age when someone is trying to bullshit their way out of question. Trump has no idea what he's going to do about ISIS. It was just nonsense and word salad. I think that was clear in a way that would transcend ideology.
8. Lauer's devoting a third of Clinton's time to emails was terrible. But on question after question Clinton - clearly by design - tried to bury everyone in policy detail and command of the issues. She was smothering us with experience and we were smothered. You can think she's a liar and a crook and the worst person in the world. But you couldn't watch that segment and not realize she knows basically all the relevant issues inside and out. She's prepared. Whether you support her or like her is another matter. But she's prepared. I think Trump came off as cocky and ignorant. And I don't mean to me - I know he's cocky and ignorant. My best guess is that people who are wary of Trump but open to supporting him will not be reassured by that performance.
Clinton's motherfucking bright. I don't like everything she stands for, but I'll be more hopeful if she's elected. Also, a bunch of Arabs, Iranians, Pakistanis, etc. are probably breathing easier. And that's a good thing.

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