Saturday, September 24, 2016

Bernie, Liz, Barack and Michelle, Even Papi Bush, Are for Hillary. Why Aren't You?

I'm not speaking to the "deplorables," of course, but to the hypothetical "you" who's either independent or yet to come home to the Democratic Party.

All the adults on the left want Hillary. Just sayin'.

(Let me say in front that my thesis is that there are enough people out there to elect Hillary Clinton, but there's a question about whether or not they'll show up, for a variety of reasons.)

I've looked at Hillary Clinton from all directions, and, frankly, I don't see what all the fuss is about. I discount the fake scandals, and you should, too.

Okay, I get that "the system is rigged." Of course it is. Candidates aren't chosen in proverbial smoke-filled rooms anymore, but they're still chosen through a system where elite politicians and financial backers have more clout than the rest of us.

It's that way in order to guard against nominating another really unelectable candidate like George McGovern. Yes, Bernie Sanders looked pretty electable, but then that's just speculation. It's not often a socialist from Vermont can make hay on a larger stage.

But the real germane point is that the DNC didn't conspire to stop Bernie. They were simply "Ready for Hillary." It was her turn. By the way, millions more thought so, too, than thought Bernie's the one.

But fine. In an odd twist, it was the GOP that taught us this cycle that the world could be turned on its head and SOMEONE COMPLETELY UNUSUAL COULD BE NOMINATED. How many Republicans are concerned about that?

Practically every one with a brain or a conscience. Okay, not that many, but still...

That's not our problem. Our problem is bringing the sane progressives back to the roost in time to avoid a Trump presidency.

So, I point out that Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren, the Obamas, apparently all the living ex-presidents, tons of diplomats and national security advisers, the list goes on, do support Hillary Clinton.

Forget Wall Street connections, forget the vote that advanced us toward the Iraq War, forget her "damn emails." Who do you want, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? The choice is clear, and, by the way, that IS the choice, unless you absolutely want to burn the house down, hoping to build another one.

Holy crap.

So, millennials, disaffected Democrats, Bernie folks who feel stung, Real Independents, and anybody who fancies themselves to be either on the left or just a thoughtful person: Vote for Hillary Clinton this cycle.

If you don't, that would be, er, deplorable. Or at least the outcome might be.

Bonus question: Just how far away politically, philosophically, practically, are you from Hillary Clinton? Hmm. I thought so. Ask the same question about Trump. See?

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