Friday, September 2, 2016

Are You an Out-of-Work Misogynist Jerk? Fine, Work for Trump!

Roger Ailes was the mind behind Fox News. He is also an awful asshole toward women. Work for Trump? Should be a good fit.

He's a predator. He built Fox News. He got a $40 million payoff. Bygones!

Gabe Sherman's profile of Roger Ailes' removal at Fox News came out today:
It took 15 days to end the mighty 20-year reign of Roger Ailes at Fox News, one of the most storied runs in media and political history. Ailes built not just a conservative cable news channel but something like a fourth branch of government; a propaganda arm for the GOP; an organization that determined Republican presidential candidates, sold wars, and decided the issues of the day for 2 million viewers. That the place turned out to be rife with grotesque abuses of power has left even its liberal critics stunned. More than two dozen women have come forward to accuse Ailes of sexual harassment, and what they have exposed is both a culture of misogyny and one of corruption and surveillance, smear campaigns and hush money, with implications reaching far wider than one disturbed man at the top.
Now he's helping out at the Trump campaign. Birds of a feather and all that?

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