Thursday, June 5, 2014

Little Tommy Friedman Misses So Badly It Hurts My Head

Proof that Little Tommy Friedman married well. Wish there was proof
he was rehabbed. He needs it, desperately.

Foreign affairs specialists like Little Tommy Friedman sometimes marry well. Good for him. But he shouldn't tout the American values we've introduced to Vietnam and Iraq. Blowing stuff and people up is rarely a project for passing on the best America has to offer. The fact that we missed blowing up a part of a country doesn't make us special. It makes the people we didn't blow up special. At some point, Little Tommy Friedman needs to go away. Unfortunately, the New York Times hasn't decided that time is now. More's the pity. So he gets to publish stuff like this.

But don't fall for his crap. It makes Atrios' head explode. I can see why. Atrios long ago did the world the favor of flagging this video from a Charlie Rose appearance, which, in spite of how eloquently glib he was, should have gotten Friedman banned from the human race. It didn't and hasn't, but a man, and the human race, can dream.

Until then, Little Tommy Friedman gets to drop that he's the commencement speaker in the part of Iraq that was not forced to Suck. On. This. I see what Atrios means.

God, I used to admire this guy. Shame on me. But I went to rehab, and now I'm better. I don't know which of the 12 Steps I'm on, maybe the apology tour. I'm sorry, folks, if I ever caused you harm by praising Little Tommy Friedman. What's the next step? Going back to drink? That might work.

Friedman's official "I'm majorly relevant" portrait.

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