Friday, June 20, 2014

Iraq Fault Lines: Mainstream Media Is Pro-War, Americans Are Not

IED blows up, al-Anbar province, 2006. We broke it, we can't fix it.

Whenever you hear any news at all in the mainstream media about the goings-on in Iraq these days, just remember that these same outlets -- even the New York Times -- were all-in with the Iraq War since before it started. So don't be surprised if all of them -- except perhaps the New York Times, which learned its lesson somewhat from the Judith Miller debacle -- are all-in for some form of reinvolvement or, at the very least, entertaining some idea that it's Barack Obama's fault. It's happening on his watch!

How did we get into this mess? Media Matters has a good rundown on the journalists responsible. Digby of Hullabalo reminds us in a piece that Paul Wolfowitz and others in the Bush administration responsible for getting us in this mess are delivering outrageous lying hoping to distance themselves from their war crimes. Off the subject but concurrent with the war talk, Media Matters also has a piece listing all the Faux News and "talk" radio noise claiming that Hillary Clinton not only planned the Benghazi attack and the cover-up but also that she had a hand in the timing of the capture of the man most responsible for the attack itself. Though, now they're claiming that he's a "patsy." Sheesh, there's no pleasing these assholes. If Jesus came back for Judgement Day, they'd claim it was a liberal plot to distract from the monster IRS email scandal.

Just noting that it's not healthy listening to either the mainstream media -- in the tank for war, it's fun to cover -- or the right-wing noise machine, whose whole effort is essentially a fact-free zone.

Here are two fun videos of Presidents Mitt Romney and John McCain. Just wondering: Why do we even ask these people anything?

Fun with Paul Wolowitz, who's all over the tellie as an "expert" lately. Here he is in 2003 telling how cheap and easy Iraq will be now that we've "won." Start at 2:15 and stop at 7:00.

Here's John Stewart noticing -- as we all did -- that Paul Wolfowitz shouldn't have ever been listened to.

Here's Wolfowitz nowadays, playing his expert role to a fawning Niel Cavuto:

Here's Politico:
According to a Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday, 54 percent of voters say they agree more with the president on Iraq, compared with 28 percent who said they agree more with McCain.

American public 1, mainstream media 0.

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