Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gun Self-Defense Is a Myth

This has nothing to do with self-defense. It's just an example of men waving
their penises while not so subtly threatening the mulatto in the White House.
I suppose it helps to know that this is Open Carry Texas parading around a
local Target store. Take-off on Obama logo + Oreos + Target = threat. Clever.

Atrios points out why self-defense as practiced today in the "greatest nation on Earth" is a myth. Do read the article Atrios links to. For more, read the weekly GunFAIL feature in Daily Kos.

I suppose this is ridiculously optimistic, but we will someday reach a critical mass, and this insanity -- that could and does happen only in America -- will come to an end. In our lifetime? Dunno.

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