Friday, June 20, 2014

GOP Rising Stars Not Rising Anymore

Daily Kos has a couple of good stories on Scott Walker and Chris Christie. They're so cool!

Shit just got real.  "Scott Walker Involved in Criminal Scheme" is currently the BANNER headline on the front page of 18 Wisconsin newspaper sites.  The breath and depth of the coverage is simply devastating.  The story is engulfing Walker across the entire state, from cities to suburbia to even rural farm country.
Just as we are digesting the news of Governor Scott Walker being in the center of a criminal scheme, I thought I'd check in on how the prosecutors are doing with Governor Chris Christie, and found Esquire is just breaking this this exclusive story. Scott Raab and Lisa Brennan report EXCLUSIVE: PROSECUTOR IS CLOSING IN ON GOV. CHRISTIE, saying "indictments against four cronies are near certain, sources say. Only question is if David Samson, Christie's longtime crony, will flip. They claim to have two inside sources.
Sure, I don't like the ideologies of Walker and Christie. I think, additionally, they're punks, bullies. The problems with punks and bullies is that they've been getting away with it -- in some cases, since they first started bullying in elementary school -- that they think they're immune.

Maybe they aren't.

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