Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eric Cantor Loses Primary in Spite of the Fact He Sucked as Majority Leader

Eric Cantor posing next to American flag, symbolizing his deep policy priorities.

I'm sorry for Eric Cantor, I really am. As Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, he got next to nothing done during his tenure. Either he championed causes -- like repealing Obamacare -- that were doomed to defeat or he opposed causes -- job training, budget deals, gun control -- that would hand Barack Obama a policy victory. In the end, he got absolutely nothing done, except, perhaps, arranging to have the credit rating of the U.S. lowered twice because of obstructionism (the actual cause for the credit downgrades, by the way).

He strutted around with the "leadership," stood around with them at photo ops, then oops got booted. With his impressive record, he should be a lobbyist in no time.

Note. It's possible that his "support" for immigration reform did factor into his loss. But remember, he never had any intention of bringing immigration reform to the floor, ever. He just hoped that he could feint support for Hispanic causes. Oops, backfired. He got fired by his own conservative brethren. Now, the result is Hispanics know the right despises them. Uh oh, 2016.

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