Monday, June 2, 2014

I Resent the Misery We Went Through Because John McCain Was a Crappy Pilot

Dude couldn't fly very well. Crashed three times, also had a "clowning
incident" in Spain. We let him run for president? Should have left him
in Vietnam. Can't believe we accepted his release. Coward. (McCain, front right.)

Of course I don't believe in the title of this post -- though McCain's piloting skills are subject to a bit of WTF. And I don't mean a word of the caption to the photo, either. By all accounts, John McCain's years in captivity were total misery, and he conducted himself with valor.

That's why it's the height of idiocy for Republicans to put up a stink because the U.S., on behalf of a U.S. POW, negotiated a prisoner swap to bring him home. No, Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl should have suffered more, and we should have only been willing to trade Afghan candy venders for him. Trading enemy combatants for another enemy combatant, negotiating with terrorists, who does that shit? Hint: Israel.

Republicans know in their hearts that getting POWs back is a low priorty, and John McCain is first among them.

It's depressing these days. Polarization has gone way too far. McCain, you put lives at risk with your shitty piloting. Wish you had spent years more paying for the danger Americans had to go through. Guess you were lucky, though. You were a POW when Democrats STFU and welcomed you back.

Sort out the assholes. McCain was one of them, and Ted Cruz, by the way, was "disturbed."


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