Thursday, November 28, 2013

Republicans' War on the Hungry

Here's a report on the effect of Republican policy (at this point effected through obstructionism) on food stamps:

Remember, though our economy is still sputtering along after the Great Recession, we are growing, we are building new jobs, and our federal deficits or sinking like a stone, so to say we must cut food stamps is determined by what? Living within our means? Tightening our belts? Stopping runaway spending? I don't think so.

This Fox News slant on the Republican food stamp cut is that it isn't so much, the program has grown out of control, there's rampant fraud and abuse, the Republicans aren't "heartless," Clinton's welfare cuts really, really worked, so let's do it again, etc.

Okay. The rate of fraud in the food stamp program has dropped from 4% to 1% over the last two decades, according to the Department of Agriculture. The error rate -- payments to ineligible households -- has fallen to 3.8% in 2011, a record low. Smash that GOP myth. By the way, cutting food stamp benefits wouldn't cut fraud and abuse, it just cuts the amount beneficiaries can receive.

I could go on. I'll save it and send you to this link to get the facts.

Here's the liberal argument:

Note that Bernie Sanders points out that the sequestration cuts slammed the Meals on Wheels program that feeds shut-ins, mostly elderly.

A final reminder: According to the USDA, almost 15% of American households were food insecure at some point during 2012. 15%. Is that acceptable in the "greatest country on Earth?"

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