Monday, November 25, 2013

Is Obama Playing the Iran Card?

I'm a Hillary admirer. But John Kerry is getting things done.

Nixon played the China Card, letting the Soviets contemplate an American ally on its southeastern border. Life became suddenly more complex for the Ruskies. To this day, when I think of Nixon, I think of Watergate quickly followed by how shrewd Nixon was to play the China Card.

Now, is Obama playing the Iran Card? Is Saudi Arabia all of a sudden going to say, "You're not our allies if you can make nice with a Shiite state?" And Israel is saying, "How can you make nice with the supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah? How can you do that and call yourself a friend of Israel?" And Syria is probably thinking, "Would Iran sell us out to make nice with the Devil?" Actually, I can also imagine Russia wondering, "What happens when Iran doesn't need us as a buffer or protector from America?" Also, "If Iran backs off helping Syria, do we lose our Middle-East client-state?"

I don't know. But the game is changing, and for now, I suspect for the better.

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