Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli Aside, This Is Creepy -- and UnAmerican

Well, maybe it is state-of-the-state American nowadays. It certainly echoes soon-to-be-former VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's fascination with anuses:

The Constitution is more than under assault. It's broken. At least in states like New Mexico and the Sun Belt. May the law-enforcement hysteria someday stop.

Footnote. The point of calling attention to a decision of the Court that weakened the 4th Amendment is that the decision prevents magisterial mistakes from causing the exclusion of tainted evidence, e.g. a judge issues a warrant in error and the courts can use the evidence in prosecutions anyway (judge: Oops, my bad! Have a nice time in prison!). And, I would imagine, protects judges, police officers, and doctors from civil suits and damages, e.g. the judge issued a warrant so it was okay to probe your anus for several hours even though it turned out we dragged you into a hospital for nothing. Bygones!

Also, too, the War on Drugs inspires this wacky pursuit of justice, with its untrained, unproven canines "alerting" to a driver's car seat, hence eight invasive, inconclusive medical procedures on a guy who glided through a stop sign (or failed to signal a turn)? Jeez...

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