Friday, December 16, 2016

Trump Foreign Policy Fail-in-Waiting: Putin Is Allies with Iran.

For all I know the Trump Team thinks these things through, or do they? Doesn't appear so. Or Trump's open hatred of Iran could just be so much posturing. Build a wall, anyone?

Foreign policy mastermindblown. Take an intel briefing and call me in the morning.

No links or fancy points here, simply to note that Trump hates a Russian ally, Iran. So, an item on his first hundred days (other than blowing Putin) is going to be scotching the Iran nuclear deal, which Putin signed on to? Who knows?

Not relying on my years in the foreign service -- I did teach a couple of years or so in Japan, does that count? -- but a back of the envelope calculation says that Chechens, who Putin kills with a passion, are Sunni Muslims, and Iranians, Lebanon's Hezbollah, and Syria's ruling clique are all Shia Muslims. So there's your line of demarcation.

So where's Donald's, somewhere between KFC and real food?

Freaking man of the people...

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