Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hannity Says Trump Should Ditch the Press

He sort of already has, but Sean the Hannity shows us his hole card, and it's a joker. He's so completely post-truth, but we knew that. Oh, and prick.

Fine, Hannity has talent, maybe even a purpose, like, I dunno, a scab.

Atrios linked to feature on Media Matters:
Hannity has used his radio and television shows to urge the incoming president to “rethink how he deals with media,” arguing that mainstream media outlets are “all full of crap." Hannity advised fellow right-wing radio host and potential Trump administration press secretary Laura Ingraham that, if she got the job, she should not "go out and talk with" the media every day. Hannity even suggested to Trump advisor Newt Gingrich that, instead of a press office, Trump should come on The Sean Hannity Show to “take calls from people all over the country.”
I might have to get to the Golden Gate Bridge before they build those stupid suicide nets. Because I'm like totally read to jump. Because this is so Trump. Gulp... I'm reminded of the phrase "That way madness lies."

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