Sunday, December 11, 2016

How Can Liberals Beat Trump? Ignore Him and Do Everything Right.

Donald Trump actively abandons truth and the rule of law. Each day there's another insult to the integrity of the nation. And yet fighting back is not complicated. Simply do everything right to the best of your ability, and do it without restraint.

An independent farm in Burlington, Vermont.

To say it's depressing to contemplate -- from what's still the vantage point of looking at something that hasn't even started yet! -- is an understatement.

So what to do?

Live your lives, of course. I intend to play at least a couple of rounds of golf a week because it's good for my mental and physical health. And sing in a local club a couple of times a month for the same reason. You've got stuff you like. Do it! But aside from that, think of the life of your town, county, state, country, and world and do what you can each day to foster what you think is good for you/us. I'm naturally hoping you're not a Trump fan who thinks your billionaire has gone to Washington to shake things up on your behalf because if you believe that, you've got your own cross to bear. One, you won't get what you want from him, and, two, you'll bear some of the guilt when everything goes to shit. So, for now, fuck off.

If, on the other hand, you're evolved and educated enough to know what's good for you/us, then do something each day. Er, what, you ask?
  • Confront the Trumpsters when you run into them. Okay, don't waste much time or lose your job over it. But if you can afford it, say something, but not much (because they're mostly not capable of listening). Say "You're biased and probably live in a bubble. The result is pretty toxic for the rest of us, so, good luck, oh, and fuck off."
  • Make green choices. Coal is over, and oil is next,. Let's push it off a cliff, a little bit each day. Get a greener car next time. Go solar at home if you can afford it. Don't waste water. 
  • Boycott asshole companies. You can spot them you know. Also, let them know. Don't shop at Whole Foods. Their CEO is a dick. If you don't know that, do some research. Then don't shop there, and let them know why. Example: I'm not going to watch NBC until they drop Trump as an executive producer on the new celebrity apprentice thingy. I'll miss MSNBC, but I'll get over it. Hell, I may win, and I can watch again. Not now, though. And I'll let them know early and often.
  • Pick sensible news sources. NPR and PBS are far from perfect, but they're better than nothing. And let them know what you don't like! Go ahead, watch network news if only to know how and why they suck. As for CNN, watch it but wear safety glasses. Ear plugs might help. Or turn it into a drinking game.
  • Help your town or city go green. This Politico story on Burlington, Vermont going all-sustainable is inspiring. Do something that helps your locale do that!
  • Seek out like-minded people, support local businesses that seem to get what's best. Go to farmer's markets, buy local art. Go to city council and planning commission meetings. Help them do the right thing by yelling at them occasionally. They need to know that the locals want what they want!
  • Contact every politician you can influence. Money talks and bullshit walks, but if they get the feeling the voters think they suck, they might stop doing sucky things. You never know. It can't hurt.
  • Support your local public schools, go to board meetings, warn them that they'd better have a good reason to add another low-performing charter school other than it's trendy? Hold local school administrators accountable and become involved in your children's schools and education in general. There are right and wrong ways to do this, and Trump has signaled he's all-in for the wrong way!
I'll stop. Do something everyday. Stay informed. Vote with your feet. It's starts local. Be involved. It's better than passing the time with Trump drinking and pot-smoking games, like smoke another reefer every time he makes another grotesque cabinet pick...

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