Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Theme Emerging for Trump Presidency? Oil, maybe? Ya Think!?

This just in: The Trump administration will be pro-oil, pro-coal, and anti-EPA, anti-environment, and climate-change denial 24/7. Let's party like it was 1999! 1999 B.C.!

Death rattle of an ecosphere. I'm going to miss you.

Let's see now.
  • Rick Perry, from oil-state Texas, for Secretary of Energy.
  • Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil, for Secretary of State.
  • Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma attorney general, from oil-rich Oklahoma, a climate denier who's suing the EPA, for head of EPA!
If you wanted to telegraph the world that, with oil, the bitch is back!, this is the way to do it. This set of picks could also be called "Paris in My Rearview Mirror."

Dems, here's your new theme song:

Sarah Palin was right. Drill, baby, drill!

OMG alt-theme song!

Hey, Vladimir, Trump wants to be your Valentine! How 'bout it? But please don't make him your bitch. Too late, you say?

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