Monday, October 17, 2016

Why Wikileaks Hasn't Hurt Hillary? The Goldman Sachs Speeches Make Her Look Good.

Sure, there's some inane "political" back-and-forth among her staff in bunches of emails, but, er, ah, DUH! (Big reveal: she's a politician!)

Maybe they're holding back, but so far, huh?

Daniel Drezner in the WaPo gives Hillary's Sachs speeches the once-over and finds the private Hillary more direct and charming that the public one:
As WikiLeaks continues to dump John Podesta’s emails onto the world, there’s a cornucopia of information to digest. I decided to start by focusing on a key source of tension between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary: the transcripts of Clinton’s paid speeches at Goldman Sachs. These were supposed to contain information damaging to Clinton’s campaign.
After reading all three speeches … I don’t understand why Clinton didn’t make them public back in the spring.
Okay, I understand a little. Clinton’s Goldman Sachs transcripts are not speeches per se but rather structured conversations between Clinton and a Goldman Sachs interlocutor, as well as a Q&A with the audience. Clinton references the same Winston Churchill joke a bit much. She praises Chinese President Xi Jinping on occasion, mostly for his political skills and his apparent ability to rein in the People’s Liberation Army. Mostly, however, what comes through is Clinton’s comfort talking about the subtleties of international relations. The contrast with the current GOP nominee is rather striking.
Contrast indeed. Read on.

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