Monday, October 3, 2016

Bloomberg: Trump Can Only Win If Something Bad Happens

You know you suck when only a disaster could rekindle interest in your attributes. But can you explain how we need Donald Trump if something blows up?

Maybe his hat should read "Make America Blow Up Again."

You don't have to Google "trump worst week." Just go to Bloomberg to read what a wreckage the Trump presidential campaign has become. What caught me eye in the article was the expressed notion that there was perhaps a single turn that might save the Donald.
“Trump is in serious trouble, but there are still a couple of things working in his favor,” said Jack Pitney, a political-science professor at Claremont McKenna College. The electorate is more polarized than it’s been in over half a century, he said, and the race could still be upended by a terrorist incident, a foreign-policy debacle, or a Clinton scandal or health scare. “But in the absence of out-of-left-field events, it's hard to see how Trump fully recovers from last week.”
Get that? Of course there's always that chance of an October Surprise (though I think Trump may have vacuumed up most of the possibilities), but we can eliminate a "Clinton scandal" because most of the possible scenarios have already been manufactured and blown out of all proportion (yes, there was hardly any there there to begin with), and anybody can keel over and be forced to drop out.

That leaves only stuff blowing up or some crazy mass shooting left in Trump's bag of tricks. I can just see campaign meetings with people brainstorming, saying things like "What if someone blew up the Empire State Building? That should give us a bump in the polls!"

Holy crap. If you haven't been paying attention and you haven't heard all the weird shit coming out of Trump's mouth and Twitter account, maybe you should Google "trump worst week." But be careful. Google might ask back "Which worst week?"

With Clinton we already knew it takes a village. Now we know with Trump it takes a disaster.

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