Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Did Fox News Enable a Republican Party that Couldn't Govern?

We don't want to forget Rush Limbaugh's influence, either. He said he wanted Obama to fail. Helping the Republicans do nothing was the key to killing the Obama agenda.

Nope, no room for compromise, because then we might actually do something.

I get it now. Although the GOP -- and their Fox News and talk-radio enablers -- weren't able to completely stop the Obama agenda, especially after they retook the House and then the Senate, they were able to frustrate much of it. The president was crafty and worked through executive orders and the Supreme Court to advance principles the GOP Congress was dead set against, so he has a legacy that is increasingly substantial -- and popular -- as his final term winds down. But the countereffect of the Republican effort damaged their party in a way they may not have anticipated.

The Republican Party became the party that did nothing. DID. NOTHING.

When you do nothing -- as a fully defined and clearly stated strategy -- the result is not a head fake. It's what it ends up being: nothing. And that's fine if it's an unfortunate byproduct of attempting to stop Obama in his tracks. Your constituents might say, "Fuck yeah! Well done!" So, you've got your people behind you.

But, in the end, you've proven the other thing: You can't govern. Full stop. No sorta maybe. You can't govern, haven't governed.

2009 to the present, what have you done? Squat. Yay! Mission accomplished!

But are your people really happy? Well, sorta, maybe, at least happy enough to tell you to go fuck yourselves, we've found Trump and we're running with him all the way. Oh, er, did we say fuck you? Just to be sure, fuck you.

Now you've gone pretty Humpty Dumpty, so good luck finding the instructions for reassembling your party after the election. They may have ended up in the trash. You've got Fox News and Rush Limbaugh to thank for that. First they scrambled your brains with misinformation and made you feel comfortable in your bubble, and, then they enabled Donald Trump at your expense.

You thought Fox News was your ally, but no. Fox News made you their bitch and rode you to the top of the cable news world. In a not completely apparent way, Fox News looks to have begun to self-destruct, as well. It's wearisome keeping all those balls of misinformation constantly in the air, and sometimes they drop one or get really, really grumpy. If you've watched Sean Hannity, you know what I mean.

So there you are. You can't govern, you're like totally losing you asses this election cycle, and a woman you can't stand seeing elected is making you her bitch. Ouch! Schadenfreude.

Seriously, you need another autopsy. Will you do it right and follow where it leads this time? I doubt it.

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